Saturday, February 23, 2013

Think Inclusive: Autistic People Should Be Given Support to BE.

Reprinted from Think Inclusive with Tim's permission. It's his article.

The purpose of this post is to add to the “Autistic People Should” flash blog. Learn more about it here
Very simply…autistic people should be give support to BE…
Be what exactly? Everyone…even those who are considered to have the most severe intellectual disabilities want something or is motivated by something. It is up to us (as educators, parents and family members) to listen and support them in how they can achieve what they want. The assumption should be that any person can practice self-determination. This IS ALREADY ASSUMED for those who communicate in typical ways. We should started changing our assumptions about those who don’t communicate in typical ways. All behavior is communication. Let’s support people with autism by giving them the support  to BE…whoever it is they want. 
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