Saturday, February 16, 2013


Autistic people are...
Autistic people should...
I would say to type these into Google and look for the autocomplete suggestions, but it's pretty bad. It's triggering, looking at what people search starting with those strings. Âû  gave the heads up about that issue, thanks to them. They're awesome, btw. 
That's where this idea comes from. The idea? Flash blogs, of course. AutismPositivity went well. Autistics Speaking Day (ASDay) got international coverage last year. Having lots of people blogging about things together seems to do things, and maybe it will change what searches come up. We want to do this now, though, so that if we're changing the search strings and the search results by way of putting good things out there, it can hopefully be changed by April.
It needs to be changed by then because it's Autism Awareness month, Autism Acceptance month. Awareness is the term that most organizations use, unless they are trying to co-opt acceptance, the thing we truly need, and something that is incompatible with their brands of awareness.
So I know it's short notice, but Autistic People Should (that's this one!) is going to be February 23, and Autistic People Are is March 2. Yes, that's a week from today and two weeks from today. Thumbnail graphics are still to be determined, and you can submit ideas if you want. Anyone who wants to send us a link to their flash blog for either topic, the Autistic People Should blog is here, and the Autistic People Are blog is here. You can put links in the comments, message Yes, That Too on Facebook, tweet at us, whatever. A Google Doc for submission will be up as well, once we get the executive functioning together. And yes, we could still go for another moderator.


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  2. I am not sure how exactly how to put this here.
    you can include it or not. My blog is generally about warcraft and random stuff mostly, i rarely talk about autism there, but I think this is important.

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  5. I know it's a bit late, but i didn't learn about this till someone posted about it on FB, on the 24th. So anyway, here's the post i wrote on my blog.