Saturday, February 23, 2013

Light it up BOO!: Autistic People Should

Light it up BOO! wrote a nice piece for the flashblog. I particularly liked this part.
Autistic people should use whatever language they want to describe themselves. Autistic, Aspie, person with autism, etc. Sometimes I call myself autistic, and sometimes I call myself someone with Asperger's. Sometimes I use the term Aspie. Neurotypical people should not dictate our language choices for us. Many of us want to be called autistic people, so I default to that out of respect for our community members who have said that they want to be called autistic.
Because we should be able to describe ourselves however we want. Self-identification is a thing. Some of us will stubbornly want to be referred to one way (like me, don't call me a person with autism!) and some people switch back and forth, and it's our choice.
But the main point of posting that excerpt here is to tell you to go read the rest of their post, so go do that.
No, really. She even talks about the fact that lots of neurotypicals incorrectly assume we're all asexual or heterosexual. It's awesome.

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