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Nekobakaz: Autistic people should be considered the experts on autism.
Nekobakaz: Autistic people should be able to access health services, both physical and mental health, including crisis supports, regardless of communication methods.
Nekobakaz: Autistic people should be able to get away from their abusers, to seek justice for crimes committed against them, and given the same justice as non-disabled people.
Nekobakaz: Autistic people should not have to live their lives in fear of abuse.
Nekobakaz: Autistic people should not have to ask nicely for human rights.
nothingaboutus-withoutus: Autistic people should continue to be awesome.
pyromania-at-its-best: Autistic people should be able to be themselves.
Sarah Creger Wilkinson: Autistic people should be allowed to be themselves. Square pegs rule!
Shanna Duncan Payne: Autistic people should be seen AND heard.
suits don't suit me: Autistic people should be the writers and lead characters of your favorite TV shows, explicitly and without apology.
Twey756♋:#Autisticpeopleshould be respected, hired, educated, loved, supported, encouraged, protected..
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  1. Autistic people are not stupid. They just function differently as we all do. They should not be ignored and relagated to corners in classrooms. They are human beings and should be respescted as such. Austic people are some of the most loving, intelligent, kind people I know.

  2. Autistic people should take up arms & slaughter all who oppose us! Muahaha! Only joking but jeez sometimes I wish NTs would leave us the fuck alone. We have a right to be, & as Temple Grandin points out, Autistic people are responsible for us not being fucking monkeys in the trees any more. Only Autistic people have the patience to knap flint tools in any quantity.

  3. I have posted "Autistic People Should Tell Stories" on Dreamwidth and LiveJournal. I'd love to have you repost what I wrote here in Blogspot for wider audience access.



  6. I'm not autistic, but my son is and possibly my partner (still awaiting results of evaluation) but I did create a blog and would like it to be considered, if possible. Umm, this is the best link I can find:

    Can you let me know if this doesn't work and here I should go to link to it? Still kind of new to the blogger and not 100% certain how all the features work yet.

  7. Hi, I am totally new to blogging and the advocacy movement. I hope I am adding something relevant to the conversation.

  8. Thank you for this!!

    Now we all need to keep sharing these so that we shift the google search engines! It can be done...


  9. oh, i also had wrote this, if you want to add it. (it's not a big deal if you don't want to, though.)


    Autistic people should be heard.

  11. Autistic people should be in charge of developing a decent auto-complete algorithm for Google.

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