Sunday, February 24, 2013

speaKnots: Autistic people should... feel safe to accept themselves completely

Reprinted from speaKnots with permission.

In order for me to accept myself without reservation, I first had to understand how I was contributing to the social prejudices against people with disabilities. For quite some time after my autism diagnosis, I struggled with complete reception of my differences and challenges. Over the past couple years I progressively came to a painful realization that my own internalized ableism adversely impacted my life in various ways, including my advocacy. With candor, I admit that I continue to fight lingering fragments every day. These deeply ingrained ableist-views have refused to tip-toe quietly into the night, especially after spending a lifetime believing it was my responsibility to accommodate others in toxic attempts to promote that typical is normal.

Autistic People Should… feel safe to accept themselves completely.

Autistic people should not have to find themselves contributing to ableism, due to a systemic belief-system which promotes a cookie-cutter version of normal as the acceptable way toward full and meaningful lives.

It would be wonderful if all Autistic people grew up believing in themselves, honoring their individuality and understanding they are whole... just likeHenry Frost.

The universe may still be antagonistic toward anything that doesn't present fashionably into its translation of normal, but I’m not looking back.

* (I had intended my first post after reopening my blog to be on tokenism, but I put together a few thoughts when I heard about “Autistic People Should…” a fantastical flashblog taking place today!)

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