Saturday, February 23, 2013

Autistic Hoya: Autistics Should/Dear Allies

Trigger Warning: descriptions of ableist encounters, verbal abuse, violence, rape, murder

Autistic Hoya responds both to Trungles's post "Dear Liberal Allies – what your college courses on oppression didn’t tell you and to the Autistic People Should prompt.
You learn that ableism is oppression, discrimination, and prejudice against the disabled or those presumed disabled.

Learning about ableism for me was putting a name to when my middle school history teacher made a dyslexic, multiply-disabled student spell "vicissitudes" on the whiteboard in front of everywhere. Ableism is the word that puts a name to that time when someone kept saying, "autistics should be killed." Or when the hospital denied transplant eligibility because someone's mentally disabled and only because they're mentally disabled. Or when my friend's parent forced them into unnecessary surgeries for the sake of looking more "normal." Or when my high school English teacher told me to "just get over" my sensory difficulties.
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